Some Of The Worst Marriage Proposals You’ll Ever See


The Most Romantic Proposals

Some guys pull out all the stops when proposing. They have dozens of roses, enough candles to illuminate an entire city, and the absolute perfect ring. These guys have thought of everything. They’re planners, they’re romantics, and they’re smooth AF. They also suck, because they make the rest of us look bad with our mediocre proposals. You know what? Proposing to someone is really hard. And really, really terrifying. You’re 1) spending a lot of money and 2) putting your heart out on the line and 3) taking a HUGE step toward a future that you think (as of now) that you want. There are a lot of things running through our minds at that very moment, so sorry if we don’t execute the Hollywood-perfect proposal.

That said, there are some proposals that are just inexcusable. And if you want to feel better about your proposal or your planned proposal, you’re gonna want to keep reading. The following proposals are just so bad you’ll wonder how the heck they got their ladies to say “Yes” at all.

A 24-Carat Diamond Set In A Fine Sandwich Bun.

Any girl that would say “yes” to a proposal that involved a ring in a chicken sandwich is either very understanding or was deprived of oxygen at birth. Or maybe she’s just the chillest girl you’ll ever meet and she has a great sense of humor. If that’s the case, this guy was wise to lock her down. Those don’t come around every day, unlike generic chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants.

Merry Me?

Dude, unless you are proposing to Santa Claus, you just screwed up big time. I hope you and your girlfriend went to the same elementary school, because then maybe she won’t notice that you’re horrible at spelling. Although, if she’s been dating you for long enough to want to marry you, she definitely already knows you can’t spell.

Classy Mall Proposal

Ah yes, serenading your love with a sort-of Mariachi band in the middle of a mall. What could go wrong? She could grab the ukulele out of your hands and bash you in the head with it, like this girl.

Hot Sauce Love

I’m at a loss here. My one hope is that maybe they met in a Taco Bell and/or work together in a Taco Bell. In either case, welfare agents are standing by.

Multiple Choice Marriage

Haha, I feel sorry for this guy. Not because she said no, but because he apparently thought she might. If you have a feeling your girl is going to turn down your proposal, it’s probably best to, well, not propose…

Texting Tragedy

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Although I’m not sure why the woman gets so furious at him even though the poor guy didn’t do anything wrong. (Other than lose his phone).

Fast Food Fail

Yup, a genius declares his eternal love for a woman via a fast-food pizzeria. Well, you know what they say, The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Oh no. They say that about guys. That’s right.

Most Boring Proposal EverMost Boring Proposal Ever”Hi, want to get married?” “Yes.” Okay.”  What a story these two will have to tell their kids.


Truck of Love

Nothing says love quite like spray-painting a tarp and lashing it to the side of a dump truck. Pure class.

Proposal Almost Turns To Vehicular Manslaughter

When this guy proposed to his girlfriend, he made sure to write it out on his car in case he forgot the words. When she said “no” he chased her down the street and tried to run her over. Ah, to be in love…


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