To The Woman Who Gave Too Much Of Herself To The Wrong Guy


It is of course unfortunate to experience betrayal in a relationship you thought was destined to be a never ending saga of love. You completely unfolded all the aspects of your personality to him and loved him sincerely but only to find out that he returned all that love and affection with the bruising and battering of your conscience.

I know it hurts but I have to tell you that it’s wonderful how you put so much effort into caring for others.
It’s wonderful how you are ready to pour every single part of you into your relationships with people. It’s heartbreaking that your generosity never diminishes, even when you have been hurt time and again.

There aren’t many who have the courage to take a blind leap of faith for love because they are too scared of pain.

You have always made an effort to see the best in everyone you meet. Even the smallest of details don’t escape your scrutiny.

You are ready to bring all those who have been cast aside into your fold and care for them. No matter how flawed they are, you are ready to take them in.

All the broken people who are left to wander by themselves, you are willing to take on the burden of caring for them. You fully believe that they can be saved but it is this belief that makes you an easy target for others.

There will always be people who will turn on you no matter how much you’ve done for them.

You give them everything that you have but they’ll return it bruised and broken. They’ll drain everything out of you till you are left an empty shell. They will try to break you just like the world has broken them.




I’d give everything I have to be able to say with confidence that if you remain the compassionate person you are, the world will give you a love that will treat you like a queen. But I don’t want to give you false hope like that.

The world is full of monstrous souls who don’t care about others. You are generous to a fault and so you will never turn any of them away. But this only means that you are like helpless prey before them. You will be hurt many times before you find the one who is right for you.

You’re going to meet and fall in love with many men who will try to manipulate you into thinking that there is something wrong with you.

They’ll play victim at the slightest opportunity and make you feel terrible. They are abusive and will make you hurt yourself over and over again if it means that they get something they want out of it. These men will keep you wrapped around their little fingers and keep you hanging with promises of becoming better. But all you will get are a few morsels of love and sympathy before they become hateful again.


Understand that none of these men are going to grow into the lover that you’ve been looking for all your life.

They’ll act like they deserve everything good about you and because you genuinely care for others, you will give them everything they ask for. But none of them will even try to stay in your life forever. They won’t be there when you need them. They will come and go as they please because they only want you as long as you are of some use to them.

It will be easy to fall for them because they will tell you pretty things that will draw you in like a fly to honey. They will envelop you with sugary sweet but fake compliments and each word they speak will be driven by some ulterior motive that is detrimental for you.

They want someone to be at their beck and call so they’ll do everything they can to make you fall for them. They’ll force you to believe that they are head over heels in love with you, but truth be told, they are just looking to make you give them everything they want. They do not care about you. But they do care about what they can take from you.

They’ll never make a commitment to you. Men like this will never provide you with the comfort and stability that we all look for when we enter into a relationship. They can’t and they won’t give you the feeling of peace that you are searching for. They’ll just make you feel stressed.

Every day you are together will only make you feel more and more insecure. They’ll do all the things they know will trigger your anxiety.

They will thrive on the raw pain that is radiating from you and the weaker you become, the stronger they will get.

It’s not easy to be the person that you are.

It will seem like you don’t get anything out of being good to others. But stay strong and persevere. When all this is over and done with, you will emerge a winner. Those who hurt you and are quick to cut you off are the ones who will end up losing more than they realize.

There will come a time when you will meet a person who will be the ultimate reward. They will eclipse all these terrible men who have hurt you so much. You will learn what love truly means and you finally get all the wonderful things that the universe has kept in store for you.

You may not be perfect but you are kind and compassionate and you’ve done the best that you can to make the people around you grow into the best versions of their selves.

It will be easy to become hard and close off after experiencing all of this but to find true love, you can’t let these men change the wonderful person that you are. Don’t blame yourself for their behavior. Keep telling yourself that you are beautiful because that is the plain and simple truth. Don’t let them destroy everything you have worked hard to build. Never let them diminish the love that you keep for yourself.

Remember that you are wonderful and sure enough, when you least expect it, you will get the love that you deserve.



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