Top 8 Nickelodeon Famous Stars Then Versus Now



Nickelodeon is a staple in many children’s TV diet. It has a wide ranging number of shows that you either loved or simply didn’t watch that often. But without a doubt, they always had at least one TV show that every kid raved about. From Spongebob Squarepants to Avatar to iCarly, they had nearly everything! And don’t even get me started on the classics like Hey Arnold, Drake and Josh and Fairly Odd Parents just to name a few!
So where are these child stars nowadays? Have they stayed in the acting scene or moved on to music or producing?

Here is a look at the top 8 Nickelodeon stars then versus now.
1. Spencer Shay of iCarly. Known as Jerry Trainor in real life, Jerry plays the role of Spencer Shay in iCarly. Spencer is the older brother of Carly Shay (the main character) and is the legal guardian of his younger sister. Since their father is in the military and their mother is never mentioned in the show, the series centers around the antics and relationship between brother and sister.

Spencer may be eccentric, gullible and a little quirky at times but he truly is a responsible, loving and caring brother. Not only that, he treats everyone around him with utmost care and respect.

2. Carly Shay of iCarly: Carly or better known as Miranda Cosgrove these days plays the main character of iCarly. As the younger sister of Spencer and web host of iCarly, she plays the balance of fun and responsible very well.

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With her friends, she is mature and intuitive because she regularly plays the role of judge during her friends’ bickering. With her brother, she is the playful cute little sister who looks up to and obeys Spencer’s wisdom and guidance.

3. Cat Valentine or Ariana Grande: She is one of a couple of Nickelodeon stars that have gone on to start a music career. Ariana played one of seven main characters in the show, Victorious, and is portrayed as kind-hearted, ditzy, loving and warm.

Her catchphrase on the show is: “what’s that supposed to mean?” Her appearance on the show as well as in real life nowadays hasn’t changed much, but her career has taken on an evolution.

4. Zoey Brooks in Zoey 101: She was played by Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Zoey 101 is a teen drama series which revolves around Zoey Brooks, her brother, and her friends as they attend a boarding school called Pacific Coast Academy.

The show was nominated for an Emmy in 2005 for ‘Outstanding Children’s Program’ and at the time was the most expensive Nickelodeon series ever, since it was shot entirely in Malibu. If you were a die hard fan of Nickelodeon then you may have noticed that all the shows on this list so far have been created by Dan Schneider.

5. Freddie Benson of iCarly: Freddie, played by Nathan Kress, is the technician and personal ‘Geek Squad’ of iCarly. He runs everything that has to do with the behind-the-scenes and is one of two supporting actors in the show.

Freddie has always had a crush on Carly and even after breaking up they remain best friends. However, Freddie and Carly’s other best friend, Sam, don’t get along quite so well.

6. Sam Puckett of iCarly: Sam or Jennette McCurdy plays the other co-star in iCarly. She is the rebellious, rule-defying lawbreaker of the trio.

She is generally the one that stands up for her friends when things go awry and she embraces her role as the ‘tough guy’ all while craving love and attention on the inside. After iCarly, Jennette took her role as Sam and went on to co-star in Sam and Cat.

7. Josh Nichols of Drake and Josh: Played by Josh Peck in real life, Peck may have undergone the biggest physical transformation on this list. As a chubby teenager on the show who was regularly made fun of by his step-brother Drake, he has grown into a handsome, in-shape young man.

On the show, Josh is the smart, know-it-all who plays the role of medium and balance and only occasionally goes crazy. In real life however, Josh creates and directs Vines on the now defunct app.


8. Phoebe Thunderman of The Thundermans: Phoebe, played by Kira Kosarin, is an actress, singer and ballerina. She is another actress that has gone on to pursue a singing career after her time at Nickelodeon. Kira skipped two grades when she was younger and was class Valedictorian at the age of 16.


She started high school at 12 years old and says that math is her favorite subject. One of her dreams was meeting Miranda Cosgrove (or Carly Shay) and she cried in the middle of a restaurant when she found out she got the role of Phoebe Thunderman.



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