Which are your top 5 traits based on your face?


Your face is your identity and it is the first thing that people see about you. The shape of your face, in fact, affects your personality to a large extent and how you look does play a role in shaping who you are. While you may be your own person and may have qualities unique to you, there are some qualities which are shared by people with similar face shapes.

Here, we have the 8 most common face shapes and we reveal the top 5 traits they possess. Find out what’s yours.

#1 Oval-shaped

Oval shaped faces have broader cheeks when compared to the forehead and the chin. The face is slightly longer and tapers at both ends into a circular shape. Your cheekbones are actually the widest part of your face. If your face is oval-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:
1) Pragmatic- You are practical in your approach to life and all that you want out of it.

2) Methodical- You are highly organized and approach your goals with a definite strategy in mind.

3) Ambitious- You have a personality which is goal-driven and aspirational.

4) Trusting- You know the value of trust and loyalty and hence can be trusted without hesitation.

5) Pro-active- You are not into the ‘wait and watch’ game. If you want something, you go and get it.
#2 V-triangle shaped

The V-triangle shape means that your face is broadest at your forehead and tapers down towards your chin. Your forehead becomes the center of focus and it is that part of your face that draws the eyes. If your face is V-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:

1) Thoughtful- You are someone who is most at peace when lost in your own thoughts.

2) Dreamer- You like dreaming about a life you wish to create and hence work towards it.

3) Calm- You think, therefore, you know how to keep your calm even in difficult situations.

4) Considerate- You are someone who is considerate both in thoughts and in action.

5) Warm- You have a personality which is warm and welcoming, especially for those who need your help.
#3 Rectangle shaped

A rectangular-shaped face means that you have a face which is almost uniform in width from forehead to chin. Your face is oblong and which adds a pleasant uniformity and symmetry to your face. If your face is rectangular-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:
1) Logical- You are a rational person who is driven more by logic than by emotions.

2) Strategic- It means that you are good at planning and thinking about new strategies.

3) Objective- When it comes to making a decision, you are swayed by facts more than anything else.

4) Adaptable- Being a rational person, you can easily adapt yourself to different situations and make the best of it.

5) Bold- The fact that you form opinions based on facts makes you a person who is bold enough to speak exactly what they think.
#4 Long face

If you have a long face then you will find symmetry on your forehead and your chin with the rest of your face following the long shape. If your face is long-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:

1) Confidence- You are someone who is confident in your abilities and you know exactly who you are as a person.

2) Independence- Your confidence makes you fiercely independent and you don’t rely on others to fight your battles.

3) Honesty- Being so self-aware means that you have no need to lie as you have nothing to hide. Honesty, therefore, is a great quality of yours.

4) Sincerity- You are someone who is sincere in words and thoughts and this sincerity comes out in your actions as well.

5) Loyalty- Trust and loyalty are your biggest strengths as you know how to both build it and keep it.
#5 Heart shaped

A heart-shaped face means that you have a broad and round forehead which tapers down towards your chin giving your face an extremely high resemblance to the shape of a heart. If your face is heart-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:
1) Courage- You indeed have a lot of heart and you are someone who would stand firmly for what you believe in.

2) Warmth- You have a warm and gentle personality which is kind, generous, and nurturing.

3) Intuition- You have a high degree of intuitiveness. You have a sixth sense when it comes to emotions and you almost feel like you know what is about to happen.

4) Empathy- Being high on intuition means that you have the ability to understand other people’s views as well as their emotions quite easily.

5) Stubbornness- You can also be highly stubborn about your beliefs which is excellent as you have the heart to stand by them.
#6 Round Shaped

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If you have a round face then you have a very pleasant looking facial structure. The round shape means that people are pleased to look at you, especially when you are smiling or laughing. If your face is round-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:

1) Warm- You are the kind of person who has love in their heart and hence you have a personality which is warm and welcoming.

2) Gentle- Your warm personality means that you also have a gentle soul which smiles with those you love and which also cries when they do.

3) Jovial- You are funny, witty, and someone with a great sense of humor. Your jovial nature, therefore, adds to your charm.

4) Caring- You care about those you love and you care deeply. This is why you have friends who come to you every time they need to talk to someone.

5) Laid-back- Your jovial nature also means that you like living easy. You do not like having undue stress and you take life as it comes, one moment at a time.
#7 A-triangle shaped

If you have an A-triangle shaped face then your chin is relatively broader than your forehead and it spreads out as one moves top-down. If your face is A-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:
1) Creative- You have a creative personality which means that you always think and see the world quite differently from those around you.

2) Thoughtful- You are someone who is most at peace when lost in your own thoughts.

3) Sensitive- You have a sensitive heart and a warm soul. You are good with emotions and you can understand others by feeling what they feel at heart.

4) Energetic- Your creative spirit also means that you find the time and effort to reach for the stars and you do it with all the zeal at your command.

5) Driven- Your creative-self drives you to excel and your personality add to the charm of your artistic values.
#8 Diamond-shaped

If you have a diamond shape face then it is broadest in the middle and slants towards the top and the lower part of your face. If your face is diamond-shaped then your top 5 personality traits are:

1) Sharp- You have a personality which is smart and sharp which means that you grasp things quite easily and are comfortable even in the most complex situations.

2) Alert- You are alert to those around you and the events that occur in your vicinity. You are also highly aware of your own self.

3) Decisive- Being sharp means that you are quick to decide and usually your decisions are based on hard facts rather than emotions.

4) Perfectionist- You are someone who would always strive for perfection and even when you don’t get it, your pursuit would be relentless.

5) Meticulous- Being a perfectionist also means that you are meticulous in your planning and are highly detail-oriented in your approach


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