This Mom Is Furious Over A Disney T-Shirt Sending The “Wrong” Message To Young Girls & Here’s Why


Children are like sponges — they can absorb anything and everything they hear or see. So, it isn’t a surprise that most parents find it important to surround their children with positive and empowering messages. And Disney films have been promoting the message that dreams come true for decades (which is a reason why kids love these films so much). But one mom, Emma Palmer, from the United Kingdom is furious over a Disney T-shirt for sending the “wrong” message to young girls. Romper’s request for comment from both Disney and Palmer was not immediately returned.

There are so many messages sent out to children that slip through the cracks. But when parents try to bring attention to these types of things when they see them, they’re doing that for a good reason — they want to see a change happen. Like Palmer, who shared that she was shopping at a Disney Store in London when she saw a shirt promoting something that she just couldn’t agree with, and took to Facebook to let people know just how angry she was. Palmer wrote:


During an interview with BuzzFeed News, Emma said: ‘the messages you give to a girl should be about what they’re thinking, their intelligence, and what they have to say – not what they look like.’

She continued: ‘I understand it is fun to dress up, to wear makeup, and to have nice things – but the point is at no point do I chose that as a substitute for a brain, or for what I have to say.’

The shirt was still for sale on Disney’s website as of publication, under the title “Cinderella Cap Sleeve Tee for Tweens.” The description for the shirt claims that Cinderella’s “style and attitude” are “all over” the shirt.

Many people agreed with Palmer. The comments on her post are full of supportive messages towards the outraged mom, letting her know that her complaints are justified. “I’m on your team Emma on this. Stupid bloody message for girls,” one person commented on the post.

In the Facebook post, Palmer told one commenter that she is in contact with Disney and she said that that they would get back to her. Palmer’s goal? To inspire more empowering messages for a brand as widely recognized as Disney. “I said they need to take this off the shelves and have a serious think about the messages they choose on their clothing,” Palmer replied to one commenter.

Despite the controversy, the shirt is still up on the Disney Store’s United Kingdom website for four pounds.



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