Things From Your Childhood That Are Gone But Not Forgotten


1. Wonder Ball
If you’re a 90s baby, you know that there’s some amazing things from your childhood that will never come back. Do you remember the dinosaurs that hatched in the oatmeal? Remember? No? Maybe that’s just us, but those were awesome. And a lot of the awesome things that you had are not around anymore. Why? Well, in this case, because it was literally banned.

This was the U.S.’s attempt at the Kinder Surprise egg, and was introduced in 1997. However, it was very short-lived due to safety concerns. Kinder Eggs are actually “illegal” in the United States, even though you can still buy them at European markets throughout the country. But if you get caught trying to smuggle them in to the country, you can get fined about $1,200 per egg.

2. Pudding Pops
Jell-O Pudding Pops were extremely popular in the ‘80s when they had Bill Cosby backing them. But they were discontinued after being rebranded in 2011. This was before Bill’s allegations of sexual misconduct came to be known. So, the reason why they were discontinued is not related.

Well, the only thing that Bill Cosby can maybe get advertising work for currently is Nyquil and horse sedatives.

3. Uh-Oh Oreo
These are technically still around, but they dropped the “Uh-oh” part and rebranded them as “Golden Oreos” in the mid-2000s. Do you know there are like 50 flavors of Oreo? I had no idea that fruit-punch Oreo was a thing.

4. Orbitz
Orbitz soda was discontinued in 1998. This is probably for the best, as taking a sip of soda and getting a mouth full of gooey spheres was no fun. But this kind of drink still exists today, the ALO juice drinks have real chunks of aloe Vera in it.

5. Dunkaroos
Dunkaroos where the quintessential item in any lunchbox in the mid to late ‘90s. If you didn’t have this delectable package of straight up icing and cookies, your lunch sucked. These were discontinued in 2012, but you can still buy them on Amazon.

6. Altoids Sours
The regular minty Altoids can’t hold a candle to the fruity Altoids Sours. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2010. You can still buy them in some specialty stores, or spend a ridiculous amount of money on some tins on eBay.

7. 3D Doritos
3D Doritos were essentially just closed-off Bugles with a bit of a kick. They were pretty tasty ad they stained your hands orange. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2005.

8. Creme Savers
These hard candies had creamy swirl combinations like “strawberries and crème” and “orange and crème.” They were discontinued a while ago, but you can still buy them on Amazon and eBay. You can probably find a few at the bottom of your grandma’s purse, too.

9. Oreo O’s
Who wouldn’t want to eat hundreds of miniature cookies for breakfast? It worked for Cookie Crisp, but I guess people weren’t digging the Oreo version. It was discontinued in 2007, but it’s still available in South Korea.

10. Pepsi Blue
Americans haven’t had the runs after drinking this delicious sweet laxative since 2004. The drink was tasty, but that stuff raged through you like a white water rapid that ended in Niagara Falls. Unfortunately for Indonesians, the drink is still available for sale there.

11. Frutopia
These vending machines lined the hallways of every public school in the late ‘90s. Fruitopia was a delicious and not very nutritious fruit drink. These vending machines disappeared in 2003.

12. Fruit String Thing
This edible art ended up on ceilings and windows more than it did in children’s stomachs. You know what? That’s probably a good thing.

13. Skittles Bubble Gum
Skittles Bubble Gum was discontinued in 2006, but you can still buy them in bulk online. They were interesting, for about five seconds, until the flavor completely disappeared. [Editor’s note: Kind of like your childhood after reading this.]


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