Signs That a Child Will Grow up into a Psychopath


There are certain signs that can be noticed in children at a very young age that may suggest their natural inclination towards a certain mindset. Some of these signs if left unchecked or not corrected may result in the child developing serious affinity towards violence.

The signs start to manifest themselves as early as age 3 and often times the parents are responsible for few of these behavioral abnormalities. Other times the parents may disregard these exhibitions of erratic behavior as insignificant. Either way these behaviors once taking roots become part of the person for life.

Following are few of these signs which the psychologists have pointed out to be cautious about and handled with care if your child starts to reveal them.

1. Animal Cruelty

One of the major signs and a work of American psychiatrist J.M MacDonald who analyzed a hundred different criminals concluded that this behavior will lead to an individual becoming a sadistic criminal. It is one of the most obvious signs and need to be corrected at an earlier age. If you think the child is pulling the tail of the cat or jerking the leash of the dog you need to tell them it is not acceptable. If they learn it is ok but if they keep on abusing the animal it is better to take some serious steps to check their habits.

The connection between animal cruelty and future criminal tendencies became so reinforced that FBI started to record cases of animal abuse in their annual crime files. Often these criminals replay their method of torture and killing of animals on their human victims.

2. Affinity with burning down things

Pyromania or love for different kind of arsons is another sign which needs to be checked at an earlier age. This is also a method of expressing rebellious behavior and anger by setting alight property or other things.

3. Enuresis

This is a condition where a child involuntarily ends up peeing in bed and the resulting embarrassment makes them angry and hostile.
Obviously there is no certainty they would turn up like that each and every time but if they direct their anger towards offensive behavior it is time to step in and educate them. Russian serial killer Andrei Chikalito although berated by his mother which also contributed to the terrible things he did also suffered from this condition.

These above mentioned three signs made up the MacDonald’s Triad but there are other signs as well which are equally important.

4. Deriving pleasure from breaking rules


Sometimes the child is unaware if they are stepping out of line and a little correction makes them not repeat the same behavior. In other cases the child is fully aware of their mistake and how they are wronging the others but they still continue doing it as they get pleasure from seeing others miserable. These individuals only commit crime for the sheer release of adrenaline from their deeds.

If they are stealing something they might not really need to possess that thing but just the joy of violating rules is reward enough for them.

5. Lying without any regrets

We can easily observe if a child is lying because there is certain ways which child exhibit if they are not confident enough and sometimes their body language or facial expressions give them away. However if the lying is to avoid some punishment it is fine lying for no reason at all is worrisome. This shows that they are attracted to the idea of voluntarily misguiding others. This may lead to manipulative behavior in future which ought to be checked in the younger age.

6. Bullying

Another obvious sign of potential psychopaths of future. This is often the result of improper conditioning of children at young age. They might have some unresolved issues at earlier age which they express later on in their life. They want to draw attention to themselves and have that misplaced sense of authority as they emulate this violence from their parents. Other times it may be due to neglect of parents and learning these traits in the streets.


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