These Photos Will Seriously Make You Look Twice


Take Another Look
Things are not always as they seem… Which is why we’ve compiled a list of photos that will make you look twice. One second, you may think they are one thing, but upon further inspection, you’ll realize they are something else entirely. It’s a little bit of brain trickery, to be honest. Everything in these photos aligned perfectly for just one moment to create a very confusing and very funny shot. You couldn’t recreate these photos if you tried.

Take this cute friendship photo, for instance. Did you initially think that the girl on the left was grabbing her friend’s crotch? Same. It would certainly be an unusual pose, but hey, you do you girl. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see that the girl on the right is really holding her own dress. You just can’t tell because there is no distinction between the two girls’ arms. Thus, it results in a great photo that makes you look twice. Keep reading for many more mind-boggling photos like this.

Well, They Say Couples Start To Look Alike After A While…
What first looks out of place will fit together perfectly once your eyes adjust to this photo. First, you might think that the man is wearing the skirt and the woman is wearing the pants (you go girl!), but then you realize the angles are just playing with your head. That said, it looks like he can rock a skirt pretty well, and she can definitely kill it in pants, so maybe they should start swapping wardrobes? Just a thought.

That’s A Nice Head Of Hair
Timing is everything when it comes to photographs and this one is tops! You couldn’t have timed this any better, which is why we hope this girl used this exact photo for her dating app profiles. Who wouldn’t swipe right on a picture this perfect? I haven’t seen a top knot this perfect since, well, ever.

These Two Are…I Mean This One Is…Obvious
Talk about a double take! It seems amazing this double placement could be random, but we are so here for it. Anytime you see a person carrying two balloons, you can bet that this is bound to happen at some point.

This Double Take May Take You A Minute
Everything may seem in place at first glance here, then it gets obvious something is out of place. Can you see it or do you need a hint?

Help! I’m All Ears
The optical illusion here is quite bald…um bold! And it’s actually really stinking cute. That bald head is this baby’s future, anyway, so he might as well get used to it.

Stop Saying I’m A Dog!
The similar hair colors here really makes it tough to say who’s fishing without taking a double take. But dogs do look like their owners, they say. Or maybe it’s that owners look like their dogs. Not sure.

Darth Vader, Is That You?
This one is a little creepy, don’t you think? If I were this couple, I would burn that blanket asap. I don’t want to be snuggled up with a possessed blankie!

A Hairy Situation
I love that she just doesn’t care about societal beauty standards and refuses to wax/shave/laser to please the patriarchy…Oh, wait, that’s not her arm? Never mind.

Don’t Be A Boob
This is one hilarious photo blunder! Do you see it? Look a little harder. Hint: It has something to do with cleavage. Or is that an elbow?

Don’t Eat The Hand That Feeds You!
Perspective is a bi*ch in this double take picture! We all know that this pup is a very good boy and would never ever bite his owner’s hand, but we love how this photo tricks us into thinking otherwise…even if just for a second.

Here’s The Long And Short Of It
If it weren’t for the leg being up a little too high to be natural, this double-take shot may not even seem amiss! At least now he knows that he can rock a pony.


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