What does men’s underwear say about their personality?


Why do you wear the underwear that you do? It may be for comfort, it may be your need or it may just be your brand of style. Whatever the reason, you chose your underwear which matches your personality and your requirements and hence it also reveals the kind of person you may be.

Here, we have the 6 most common men’s underwear and what they reveal about your personality.

#1 Thongs

Thongs are not just for women, a lot of men sport it as well. It also comes in its variation, commonly called a jockstrap. If the Thong is your preferred underwear then you may be someone who is athletic, sporting and loves the outdoors. You are definitely different from others as your choice is quite different too.
Your choice also means that you are extremely comfortable with your sexuality and are not bothered by what other’s think of you. When it comes to choices, you are the kind of person who makes his own and sticks with it no matter what. Your sense of self-confidence is your greatest quality.

#2 Briefs

A brief is snug and fits perfectly. It does not have a lot of material and hence keeps you cozy and tight. If the briefs are your preferred underwear then you are the kind of person who takes life one moment at a time. You are spontaneous, alert, and highly active when it comes to life.

Further, you are the kind of person who believes in being simple yet functional. Your choice of underwear shows that you may also compromise on comfort if it means that that the work gets done. While you may take life one day at once, you are still someone who makes the best out of every opportunity that comes your way.

#3 Hip shorts

Hip shorts are close, comfortable, and also very snug around your privates. If the hip-shorts are your preferred choice of underwear then you are someone who thrives in social life. You have a vibrant social life and you are usually confident enough to be the center of attention. If the limelight is on you, you welcome it with all your heart.
Your choice also means that you like balancing comfort with functionality. You are someone who knows not to chew more than you can eat and hence you are always aware of your true capabilities. You do your best at everything you do but before that, you are highly specific about the battles you choose.

#4 Boxer briefs

If the boxer briefs are your preferred choice of underwear then you are someone who is, by your nature, the strong and silent type of man. You are someone who is not serious but takes life with a solemn smile. Cool and confident, you are someone who likes being by yourself and only allows a few people into your life.

Further, you are also someone who firmly believes in the value of trust and loyalty. Be it a relationship or life in general, trust matters the most to you. It also means that you are sensitive when it comes to your emotions and simply avoid people who, you think, may not understand the value of your choices.
#5 Trunks

Trunks are long yet they fit quite comfortably around your privates. They are snug as well as long which makes them functional as well as comfortable. If this is your preferred underwear then you are the sort of person who is always on the go. You are highly active in your personal as well as private life and that is why you chose what you did.


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