Know A Secret About You Based On The Last Number Of Your Birth-Year


Whether you believe in numerology or not but the year you born in plays a very important role in your life, and especially the last number is most significant. There are five major elements that actually represent these numbers: Metal, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wood. Here we will tell you one element that represents the last number of your birth-year and a secret based on it.

It is believed that earth is made of these 5 elements. So, let’s take the last digit of your birth-year and find what it tells you!

For example, if you are born in 1998, then choose the element that falls under the digit 8, that is earth.


1. Metal (0-1)

Metal represents the strong and resilient characters of humans. So, the people who belong to this category, usually remain reserved and they love to live in their own world. At the same time, they are independent in nature. Also, they are very dedicated towards their dreams and they can go to any extent to make them come true.


2. Water (2-3)

This element is a symbol of kindness, compassion, and love for others. People who fall under this category according to the last number of their birth-year, are very imaginative and their imagination takes them in the direction of success. These people often go to the professions that are basically related to art because they can do great wonders if they get chance to showcase their imagination and creativity.


3. Wood (4-5)

The representatives of this category are very persuasive and hard working. They are full of confidence but you never find these people being selfish. Also, they love to explore the things around them.


4. Fire (6-7)

It is believed that people who belong to fire always dream of doing something big in life. Also, you’ll always find them planning something adventurous in life. But at the same time, they are very spontaneous.


5. Earth (8-9)

People who belong to this category are very ambitious. No matter what they do, they do it carefully. They are very peace-loving people and never even try to do crazy things in life.


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