Internet Is Applauding For This White Man Who Shuts Up This Woman For Defending Kanye In A Very Ridiculous Way


    Kanye just loves all the attention he gets.

    And we all know it is not for a good reason most of the times. Yet here we are. I am sure you already know about the whole fiasco where Kanye West said that apparently ‘Slavery was a choice.’ As you can imagine, people did not take it well.

    However, many have different opinions on this whole scenario. So when one black woman took Kanye’s side in a barber shop which exclusively caters to black people except for one white person, things took a turn for surprising.

    Because rather than staying quiet, this white guy spoke up for what he believed in and that’s what truly counts.

    Meet Twitter user @RafiDAngelo; he is the one who’ll be sharing this amazing story with us.

    And apparently, Rafi just learned that.

    Right, we get it, he’s white.

    Now, why would she do that?

    Oh please!

    I am sure nothing will happen. He’ll be perfectly fine.

    Okay, that is actually very true.

    Yup, that was quite surprising.

    Preach! Everybody needs to read this!

    I feel the same right now.

    Not your fault, anyone would feel that way.


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