Illustration On Yoga Expectations Vs Reality


I tend to have insomnia and sleep very little and it helped me with that also, so from the first day I did the yoga routine I was very into it and I was having fun with myself because I was struggling with almost every pose! I laughed a lot and had trouble breathing calmly like the video said. A lot of sweat, thinking I was going to die and stuff like that. And decided to draw the instructor pose and myself in the background, kinda like expectation vs reality. I decided to start on posting them in my Instagram account and I didn’t expect that so many people had the same experience like me! I was so happy and grateful for that!

And I have to say that Yoga has changed my life in so many good ways. I feel better emotionally and healthier than ever. And the drawings will continue because I will keep on doing yoga and there are a lot of new pretzel-ly like poses I will try to do in time lol. I hope I can do them and don’t die in the attempt.

1. Runners Lunge Pose

2.  Crow Pose

3. Child Pose

4. Revolved Lunge Pose

5. Triangle Pose

6. Upwards Facing Dog

7. Forward Fold Pos

8. Wild Things Pose

9. Chaturnga

10. Wide Legend

11. Easy Pose

12. Gorilla

13. Downwards Dog Variations

14. Plank With Knee

15. Locust Pose

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