Feast Your Eyes On These Delightful Sight Gags


1. Ice Ice Baby
You all have the person in your group who makes the dad jokes. You either love them or you hate them, but you should probably love them, because dad jokes are wonderful. And if they come in the form of puns, they’re even better. Maybe you’re the person in the group. Well, rest assured that everyone does, in fact, love you. You’re in a good place.

But you’d do anything for the pun. You’d even risk your child’s life just to get the funny picture. Anything for the laughs. Anything. Just look at her face. She’s totally enjoying being a part of this. She truly loves it.

2. Top Secret Bottom Secret
There’s nothing like a little bit of situation humor. That’s what this is, isn’t it? Perhaps we don’t understand the meaning of situational humor. What we do know is that it seems like C.I.A. is really phoning it in with this one. Everyone knows that you don’t label something that’s a secret with a big label that says secret. You only do that with things like bags of money in cartoons. They have to be marked with a big dollar sign so that people know that they’re big bags of money, and they’re stealing them from a bank. That’s the only way that things can work.

3. Sink or Swim
“Everything but the kitchen” would have also been an acceptable tag, but we like this one equally. We’d like to think of this person as someone who goes around and sees all the puns in the world. When they see one, they take out their handy dandy pink marker and make the world a brighter place. The pun bandit. Has this been a television series idea already? We’d like to claim that one. That’s a show that we’d watch. No one steal our idea. Please and thank you.

4. Camel Toe
I didn’t expect this article to get so NSFW. You might want to scroll past this one kind of quickly, in case anyone that’s walking by gets a glimpse of what you’re looking at, you naughty person.

5. Stool Sample
Gross. Why are they keeping this around in a clean office like that? Everyone knows you don’t just leave this kind of thing out in the open for everyone to see, especially if you’re eating lunch in there.

6. Caesar
The person who took this picture is either a history buff or a maniac. This is a perfectly good bottle of dressing and they ruined it just for the pun. It was actually totally worth it.

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7. Stop
There’s a very funny and possibly gruesome story about why this is here. But it actually probably involves somebody with a very boring job and an alcohol problem.

8. Space Bar
This sight gag really cracked everyone up over at Starfleet Cmd. If this takes you a while, just wait for it. The gag is worth it. You’ll want to do this to everyone in your office.

9. Iceberg, Right Ahead!
“My artichoke heart will go on.” We’re trying to think of what the pun is for the zucchini boat, but we’re coming up short. We’d understand if it was a leek.

10. Spam
Also gross.

Actually, we lied. Everyone knows that spam is actually delicious and anyone who says it isn’t it really lying, because they don’t want anyone to know that they actually think it’s delicious.

11. Legendary
We think this is probably the refrigerator of Barney Stinson. If you don’t understand this joke, then you need to watch more TV. You’ll thank yourself later.

12. Punk Rock
Somebody once told him that he really rocks and he went with it. Like, he’s a rock star. Don’t take our puns for granite. Graphite us, we know these are terrible.



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