Color Test to Find out Your Dominant Personality Trait


Everybody is concerned about what his or her most dominant trait would be. At times people show kindness, other times they show empathy and compassion. Sometimes they are angry but on other times, they are courageous. At times, they are wise and logical while on other times they are passionate and energetic. However, what is the one trait that can define our personality?

Surprisingly our choice of colors can easily predict what our most dominant trait could be just like your favorite color can be a hint about your personality.

Psychologists tend to believe that people who like blue color are reliable and sensitive while those with green as their favorite color are affectionate and loyal. People preferring purple are artistic while those loving red are tenacious and live life their way.
Here is a color test to figure out what your dominant trait is. It provides some insight into what you exhibit when dealing with people. The dominant trait affects our likings and therefore the colors we like are affected by our personality.

Follow the directions provided in the quiz to figure out what your dominant personality trait is:

This Beautiful Color Test Can Determine Your Dominant Personality Trait!


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