You Can’t Help But Laugh At These 15 Pics


1. Man On The Run
If you need a laugh in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. And who doesn’t need a laugh in their life, is the real question. So, by those two conclusions, we all can know that you have indeed come to the right place.

This guy is really pushing the limits. But, that response was savage AF. They probably caught him two hours after this was posted. You probably shouldn’t be using social media when you’re on the run from the cops.

Is this actually real? We feel like it could be sort of fun to be this friendly with the police. Like a first name basis. Actually, on second thought, no. It’s never good to be on a first name basis with the police.

2. Roommate Life
Sometimes I try to memorize the exact placement of my leftovers when I put them in the fridge, so I can spot if one of my roommates got at it. You know what? We should all probably just start taking pictures of the leftovers for comparison. Oh, but where is all the trust in this world?

To be honest, we’ve done this. If you have older brothers, you’ve done it too. Or maybe any siblings at all. Siblings are all just a bunch of thieves. This is one of the times that you can be glad that you’re an only child, if you are.

3. Impressive Leg Strength
Back in the day, the troublemaker in class was put in the corner with a dunce cap. In this class, troublemakers are meant to hold themselves and their desk up by the strength of their own legs until the lesson is over. The jokes on the people trying to dole out the punishment, though. You get some killer leg muscles after doing this for so long.

4. Well, That’s Awkward
Yeah, that just seems to highlight the fact that the customer is eating alone. But Japan has a whole bunch of strange-themed restaurants and cafes, like the toilet café, for instance. This seems a little more awkward, but that’s just our opinion.

5. That Is Terrifying
Clowns are already horrifying. What makes anyone think that a meat clown sounds like a good idea? This is straight up bologna. Who came up with this? But let’s not lie, we’d eat this still. Right? Right.

6. Who Is That Guy?
It took me a while to get why this is funny. But I now appreciate its subtle humor. Zayn Malik has nothing on this guy. Does Zayn Malik have a sense of humor? We didn’t think so. Obviously not.

7. So Telling
If you get the one-ply construction paper-like, cheap ass toilet paper, I want nothing to do with you. If you can’t respect your own butthole, how are you going to respect anybody else’s?

8. Take The Edge Off
I didn’t become an alcoholic until I began my career. Now I can’t even write a strongly worded email without a good buzz. In the morning I just pour straight vodka over my breakfast cereal.

9. Good Advertising
Not crazy about the name of the company. It reminds me of yesterday’s bowel movement. But, at least they have a sense of humor. They probably know that that’s what it sounds like.

10. Oh, Hell No!
“We’re going to be looking for two bodies instead of just one if you make me smell those, Steve,” said this disgusted bloodhound. Oh, the things dogs put up with from us. This may be the best ad I’ve ever seen in my life.

11. You Don’t Say
They killed him dead, Cletus? Don’t tell me that they killed him dead? Oh, sweet Jesus. Couldn’t they have killed him without making him die?

12. So Many Questions
So, what happens when you drink vodka and Red Bull all night? Do you turn into a flying Jeep Grand Cherokee? Now, that would be something to write home about.

13. Clever Girl
This girl should be setting the bar for all teenage girls in how they should respond to boys. She will accomplish great things in her future. I have high hopes for you, Denise.

14. What?
Oh, boy. When I see this I can’t help but remember that scene from See No Evil, Hear No Evil, when Richard Pryor’s character, who is blind, pretends he just found out that he was black. He gets up in a crowded subway car and screams, “I’m not white?!”

15. The Resemblance Is Uncanny
Umm, my mind is kind of blown by this one. Cause John Lennon does look exactly like an adult Harry Potter. He looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter does. Imagine…


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