Some Of The Absolute Best Rick Grimes Dad Jokes


The Walking Dead
For years now, fans have asked themselves why they’re still watching The Walking Dead. Sure, a lot of fans have dropped off and no longer watch TWD. They think the show has gotten “too wild” and “into the weeds,” but true fans have kept watching episode after episode. Their thought process: Once a Walking Dead fan, always a Walking Dead fan. So which one are you? A former fan or a diehard fan? Regardless of whether you think the show has jumped the zombie shark yet, these Rick and Carl (Coral) dad joke memes have only gotten better with age.

Warning: This list contains spoilers… And puns. So, so many puns. And since we know you love puns (because who doesn’t?), you’re going to love scrolling through this list. Plus, it just may give you a new appreciation for The Walking Dead, and at this point in the series, you probably need that.

Gin And Tectonic
Carl’s had a rough go of, well…everything. It’s nice of Rick to try and bring a smile to his face, although this is a bit of a shaky premise. See what I did there? It was an earthquake joke. And I’m allowed to make earthquake jokes because I’m from California. And Rick is allowed to make earthquake jokes because he’s survived a zombie apocalypse and at that point, all jokes are on the table.

Color Me Surprised
This makes me want to see Rick get eaten by walkers. I’d love to see blue intestines for a change. Okay, honestly, I’d rather not see any intestines, because I’m a huge wuss, but you can’t be a wuss and call yourself a Walking Dead fan now, can you? So sign me up for the intestines! Bring ’em on! You know I’ll just look away from the TV whenever there is blood and guts on screen anyway.

In a zombie apocalypse, there are many traps you can fall in. Carl just fell into one of the most classic traps of all time: the dad joke. And if you love dad jokes and zombie jokes, you’re definitely going to want to keep reading.

Ankle Biter
Everyone copes with loss in different ways. There’s no right or wrong way.

Except this. This is the wrong way.

Bought The Farm
Speaking of Hershel, remember this lighthearted moment? Real knee-slapper, I tell ya. RIP Hershel. RIP.

Maybe Three Dillas Tops
Carl has killed before. Killing for something as tasty as a quesadilla isn’t outside the realm of possibility here. There aren’t a lot of good Mexican food spots open during the zombie apocalypse, you know?

Rick Is A Monster
Rick has been known to carry Carl. But what he really wants is to karaoke.

Carry-okie, Carl!

Not Coming To Term With These Jokes
Here’s Rick still coping with loss the wrong way. Carl is coping with this barrage of dad jokes the right way in this image. Carl is stronger than all of us.

Sketchy Sketchers
The Walking Dead meets Resident Evil in this trippy pic, and it’s a mashup I didn’t realize I needed until just now. Thanks, Rick!

Classic Zombie Hooker Joke
What a classic dad joke. Not very tasteful, and not very funny. But still, pretty classic.

Why Not?
This fully represents what a dad joke should be: you can’t decide if it’s the best or the worst. This is also how I feel about the season seven opening. RIP, everything good and decent left in this series.


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