8 Easy Ways To Check If Your Partner Genuinely Loves You Or Not


here is no fixed formula to find out that your partner truly loves you or not, but there are a few signs and gestures which reveal that your partner truly loves you, and you have found the right girl/guy for yourself. Love is more important than lust and showing love is even more important than just keeping it inside you.

Here are a few signs which if your partner does, then it means that he/she truly loves you from heart.

1. They are not selfish in bed.

Making love to your partner is the most important thing in a relationship to be successful. Love making should satisfy both partners and if one of them is not satisfied it is considered a selfish act or rather a lustful act which has no love. Someone who loves their partner will be truly satisfied only when both have received satisfaction.

2. Stop you from taking irrational decisions.

Honesty is one of the pillars on which a relationship is structured, and if you love your partner, truly you will never hesitate to tell the other half that the decisions made by them are wrong. This is when you actually care for your partner, and you don’t want your partner to take decisions which will be harmful to them.

3. They don’t get mad if you don’t receive their call.


If you truly trust your partner, you should not get insecure if he/she doesn’t pick up your phone. It is because you know that your partner loves you 100%, and you have nothing to be insecure about.

4. Take care when you are ill.


If someone truly loves you, he/she will not just sit idle while watching you in pain. He/She will make sure that you are fine and then only will the other person feel better.

5. Ask for your advice.

Asking for advice from the partner shows that not only you love your partner but also you respect them and care to listen to them. It also shows how much importance the other person gives to you.

6. Little things make a huge difference.


Small things when combined make a large difference. It’s the day to day little things which you do for your partner that the other person remembers. Little surprises, helping in small tasks and a little peck on the cheek now and then will keep the love alive and help it grow between two people in a relationship.

7. They Always Trust You.

They will never ask you any such questions which will hurt you. Trust is the base of a beautiful relation and they will believe in you, no matter what happens.

8. Likes To Talk About The Past And Relive The Moments.

It always happens when a couple in love sits around tea. They talk about their past and feel happy for that.He/she will love to talk about the past and relive the moments.


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