5 Reasons Why Mark Hamill Is Always Our Favorite Person


For anyone who grew up reenacting Luke Skywalker’s final confrontation with Darth Vader or pretending to open automatic doors using the Force, Mark Hamill was a formative influence. So it’s delightful to grow up and learn that Hamill is as much on the Light Side in real life as his character is in fiction.
Whether you love the Star Wars franchise or can’t tell a Death Star from an X-Wing, Hamill’s a hero worth looking up to. Here are five reasons to love Mark Hamill!
1. The Farce is with him: While no one will ever replace Carrie Fisher’s presence on Twitter (and in our hearts), Mark Hamill has one of the funniest celeb Twitter feeds out there.

And part of it’s just the fact that Hamill is a really, really funny guy (yes, the below card was genuinely signed by Hamill).

2. He takes good care of his padawans: Luke Skywalker may be a lonely hermit by the time of The Last Jedi, but Hamill is anything but. His bond with co-stars Daisey Ridley and John Boyega is adorable.

A long time ago (last week I think) In a galaxy far, far way(@PinewoodStudios ) THIS happened! Happy Birthday Daisy!

He hangs out with them, supports them, and calls them his “kids” frequently online. It’s the kind of bond that would melt even the most galaxy-weary Jedi Master’s heart.

3. He fights the Dark Side in real life, too: Hamill might not be out there shooting Stormtroopers and blowing up Death Stars, but his blistering rants against sexual harassment, Neo-Nazis, and government corruption are truly a thing of beauty.

Hamill frequently uses the Force of his celebrity status to bring attention to under-acknowledged causes.


Of course, a true Jedi master never gives way to anger, but Hamill’s not above sending the odd barbed tweet at people he believes are working for the Empire.


And, while Hamill may have spared Vader in “Return of the Jedi,” he absolutely did not spare Ted Cruz when Cruz attempted to explain net neutrality to him. RIP in peace, Darth Zodiac Killer.

4. He’s just really, really nice: As a kid, my favorite part of Return of the Jedi was that, in the end, Luke saved the galaxy with love. Because he was able to see the goodness in even the worst of people, he was able to turn Darth Vader against the Emperor and bring down the Galactic Empire (no “spoiler warnings!” It’s been thirty years!). And although Mark Hamill might not be able to levitate boulders or see the future, he shares Luke’s inspirational love for other people.

Recently, screenwriter Ed Solomon took to Twitter to describe the time the terminally ill son of a friend wanted to meet Luke Skywalker. Hamill said “yes” to the request immediately, and then spent hours answering the boy’s questions in-character. Solomon thanked Hamill for being “compassionate, kind and patient.”

The Star Wars saga says, over and over again, that love and bravery and goodness can save the galaxy. Mark Hamill’s dedication to kindness brings hope to our own weary world and should inspire us to be the Jedi masters we want to see in the world.

5. Everything about this:



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