25 Most Jolliest Disney Jokes Of All Times – Part 2


All jokes have an essence of truth in them. People wait to listen to some ridiculous puns and jolliest jokes completely unaware of the twisted messages behind most punch lines. There have been plenty of people fighting against discrimination and many other social issues by using anger, fear, and guilt to teach others a lesson. But, nowadays, a very common way is being followed to accomplish in conveying the messages and, that’s through humor and sharing plenty of jolliest jokes. And what better, when these jolliest jokes come from the house of Disney.

26. He seems to look like Mr. Bean. There goes everybody’s childhood.

27. Actually, she can’t see the similarities because her father’s trident shoots magic beams

28. This is how Disney does their networking and connects with people.

29. Now, the question is, whether the rug can take the weight of the tiger.

30. It’s one of those double meaning jokes. This Disney movie is not meant for children.

31. Okay, it’s all about having eye to eye contact.

32.  If Pluto is a dog then what in the world is Goofy? This is simply beyond any jokes.

33. Oh no! Then what does that pregnancy kit say? Positive or negative!

34. She was created for that purpose by Disney.

35. Great! Make the best of it.

36. You get sometimes drowned in your own tears.

37. By the way, this happens all the time with all the people.

38. So, this proves that Disney started the Organic trend.

39. Guys! How can she when her entire life was spent underwater.

40. Every woman has this problem.

41. Finally, he remembers her face and doesn’t need to go door to door with the shoe.

42. Obviously, we all turn pale and so does she.

43. Disney enjoyed making this movie of a lad flying in and out.









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