25 Most Jolliest Disney Jokes Of All Times – Part 1


All jokes have an essence of truth in them. People wait to listen to some ridiculous puns and jolliest jokes completely unaware of the twisted messages behind most punch lines. There have been plenty of people fighting against discrimination and many other social issues by using anger, fear, and guilt to teach others a lesson. But, nowadays, a very common way is being followed to accomplish in conveying the messages and, that’s through humor and sharing plenty of jolliest jokes. And what better, when these jolliest jokes come from the house of Disney.

1. Any book lover would be happy with that library.

2. Very well said Amigo, those words are very true.

3. It would have been more horrific if Cinderella was from the modern times.

4. Now, is that being racist or what? Poor white men always being blamed.

5. You don’t need the voice to seduce, Ursula is right.

6.  I would love to have that rug, even if it is made from a cheerful dead monster.

7. Believe me, some people park more horribly than this

8. Oh Hello! That’s just the light falling on one side, therefore, the other side is in shade.

9. This is where little boys learn how one needs to insert one’s tongue in the others mouth

10. This is how real girls wake up.

11. These are all signs of a healthy lifestyle or you can say the American Dream.

12. This was one of the jolliest jokes. How come Avatar had a Nav’i language?

13. Belle never turns into a mother, so, she deserves to have those looks, stupid lady.

14. The women in Disney movies were always portrayed having a strong logic.

15. The Ice Queen seems to have got him all barbecued.

16. If she was this rude then it would have turned the Prince off, and he would have never gone looking for her afterward.

17. A genius idea to gather people and bring them in their jolliest mood and empty their pockets.

18. That’s why people have stopped trying to find a date online. Too many deceptions, too many fake photos.

19. The beast was also supposed to be ugly but belle still liked the beast. Why not Gaston?

20. These are the so-called genuine pals.

21.  I think they probably must have got hopelessly lost in an IKEA store all this while.

22. Well, Belle can stay a beast forever by keeping the girl locked up.

23. Everyone does this on the weekend and in the end regret too.

24. The jolliest moments would be when you pause Tamatoa during his scenes. It frames up amazingly.



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