17 ‘FML’ Confessions That Will Make You Chuckle


Our life is full of moments where we just want to disappear from the face of earth or go somewhere far far away and start a new life with new name and all. Whether it’s because of the embarrassing decision we made or something we said without even thinking or just life throwing lemon at you. The first thing that comes out of our mouth is: FML. We suppose you all are familiar with this acronym that describes everything that’s been going wrong with life and how much your life sucks.

People have shared the embarrassing stories that always start with ‘today’ and end with FML. We have selected top 17 stories with you. Brace yourselves, you will laugh, cringe, cry and definitely be thanking god that it didn’t happen with you.


Imagine you’re making love to your boyfriend and all of a sudden you have yellow nasty fluid in your mouth. Ew. Don’t even want to imagine. I am all in for hickeys and necking but certainly this is not the thing I’d ever want in my mouth. Nope. Never. We have all our sympathies for the girl that went through such nastiest business. Her life certainly sucks pimples.


Ok guys, not gonna lie but this story is disturbing on so many levels. This girl’s boyfriend is apparently into incest or maybe, just maybe Brittany happens to be the name of his ex-girlfriend. Either way, this must be fucked up for the girl who posted this story. As someone commented, “as a revenge, she should take the name of his dad while moaning” that’d be really interesting.


Well, now we know who is the favorite kid of your parents, original poster. Imagine being gifted $5 gift certificate to iTunes, which by the way came for free on your 18th birthday while your sister gets a new iPhone. Those who have experienced extreme favoritism by their parents would understand the pain of this person. Each and every day is nothing but endless series of pain and anger.


Ouch! That must have hurt pretty bad. You know how they say how texting creates misunderstandings between two people and often leads to fights. In this case, it made a cheater come out of his hole and confessed to his cheating. Poor girl was just talking about her math exam and her boyfriend is ‘relieved’ because he had been cheating on her. Neat!


This is very confusing as to whether this guy has more than one wife or girlfriends or both. Not only he’s been cheating on her but also called her bitch. Like, dude, how disgusting are you. The original poster should straight away divorce the cheat and throw him out of her life. Nobody needs a cheater in their lives.














Source- http://www.fmylife.com


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