15 Shocking Confessions From Teachers That Will Blow Your Mind


The human heart is a confusing machine. On the one hand it knows there are certain boundaries which are not meant to be crossed, on the other hand it makes life miserable for us by inadvertently crossing those lines. We have absolutely no control over who we fall in love with. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most spiritual person in the world. It just happens. And these 15 teachers are a resounding example of the human heart making big, big mistakes.

Boosting up the grades

This young girl admits in private that her teacher improves the grades of his female students who offer to sleep with him. What’s disturbing is that the young student wants to sleep with the professor simply because she’s lonely.

Teacher’s is open to relations

This teacher is all for the taking. All the student needs to do is approach and offer to have sexual relations. But how can the student know that the teacher has no qualms about sleeping with them? Unless she advertises her openness that is

Relations with a student

Relations with a student

This teacher admits to having relations with one of their students. The alarming issue to note is that it is not a single occurrence. An underage child is being used for sexual gratification by the very people who are supposed to guard her.

Is sleeping with an ‘ex’ okay?

This teacher has raised a somewhat valid point. Does the unmentionable rule of conduct still exist between students and teachers after the period of apprenticeship is over? Is it unethical if you sleep with a student/teacher after it’s over?

Female professor

Why is it considered comparatively more ethical if it’s the female professor sleeping with her students. But it would be considered absolutely unethical if it’s a male professor involved? Isn’t this the very definition of discrimination which should be avoided?

She was about to have sex with him

This teacher was about to have deep intimate relations with her student but then decided to cross that milestone off her list simply because she found out that he was doing it purely for the grade bump. Is that where she draws the line?

He should grow out of it

It’s normal for high school boys to have crushes after high school girls. But it is extremely creepy and downright criminal behaviour if it’s a high school student exhibiting the same behaviour. It’s a future crime in the making.

Predator among us

This male teacher has a downright predatory approach to his students and thinks they are available for the taking. This is downright predatory behaviour and the teacher should definitely be caught and removed from the noble profession of teaching.

Story of a young teacher

If the age gap between the teacher and student somehow bridges to between 3 and 4 years, does the idea become more ethical for the student to have sexual relations with their teacher? We think the same rules should apply.

A teacher’s confession

This teacher confessed privately that she regularly had sex with one of her students during free period INSIDE the classroom. They kept this up this awkward behaviour up for the rest of the year without getting caught.

This teacher has a thing for his student

This teacher has a massive crush on his student. One thing led to another, things went too far. And now the two will be awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact with each other because of the repercussions.

He is on a streak

This guy is on a mad streak here. He thinks his students are free for the taking and sexualizes them. Not one, not two but three young girls have been victimized by his predatory behaviour at the school.

At least he realises the crime

At least this teacher realizes that it is criminal behaviour to engage in sexual activity with a young girl who is underage. The guy may not have an entirely ethical approach to his students, but at least he acknowledges the crime.

This teacher has no boundaries

The rule of keeping it in his pants never really applies to this young man. He not only has sex with his students but also their parents which is downright ridiculous. He shouldn’t be penalized for relations with the parents, but should fired for having relations with his students.

This teacher is somewhat better

This teacher is somewhat better than other predators on here. At least he doesn’t go after his students, but their mothers. While this behaviour certainly cannot be criminalized, it is still very unethical and can have a negative impact on the mental state of the students.


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