15 People Who Got to the Essence of Life


Everyone has a different life story. Our struggles, sorrows, challenges, opportunities and our take on life set us apart from one another. Being an individual means that all of us have our own distinguished reality and existence. However, there are some real life situations which are so common that we can all agree over how relatable they are. Following are some real-life situations which will have you shaking your head and then LOL because they are just so predictable and relatable.

Without further ado:

Winters. The time of the year when you give up on looking pretty. Or human. Because it is just too cold for that.

Other girls in winter vs me in winter

The struggle of blurred pictures is real! And twitter user Anna Cee is right there nodding along with us. Also, she has proof!

There is proof out there that Pinterest cooking hacks aren’t meant for everyone. So if this happens to you every now and then, it’s okay. It wasn’t meant to be for you.

When you see that cute picture of couple looking perfect on Instagram and think to yourself, ‘Pffft, I can pull this off easyyy’ only for reality to laugh back in your face. Hard.

You know the world isn’t going to last much longer when Pizza lies to you. I trusted you, BBQ chicken with extra cheese on top!

Is it a DIY thing or a DidntEvenTry thing? Whatever it may have been, it is the thought which counts, right?

The problem with wardrobe organization when your fashion choices are as dark as your soul.

The curse of cooking spinach.

Who knew kids dressed like they are actual kids and supermodels would become a thing of past?

I believe that there is nothing more commendable than people who know they will fall flat on their New Year’s resolutions.

If I had a dollar for every single time this has happened to me, I’d own a villa in the Hamptons by now.

How you think you look in your selfies vs what you really look like in your selfies.

Friday the 13th 🖤

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