15 Hilarious acts of vandalism in public toilets which will have you LOLing


Vandalism is a strict no-no. Ever since we are little we are told by parents, teachers and responsible adults to never vandalize public or someone’s private property. It is an ignoble and spiteful act and should be avoided at all costs. You may have looked at acts of vandalism in disgust and shook your head at the people responsible for it. However, sometimes vandalism is carried out with such a twist and quirky sense of humor that you can’t help but smile and admire its creative aspect/
The blue knob or the red? Choose wisely or Morpheus will be disappointed in you.

This is why you shouldn’t lie kids #pinocchio

Your privacy is in good hands. Fear not and make pee-pee.

The least you can do while in this ‘sticky’ situation is appreciate the doodler’s sense of humor.

Elephant to the rescue!

Hasta la vista, baby.

Who else can relate to this? Some days are just not meant to be. We fell you, guy, we feel you.

Conflict resolution. Whose side are you on? With a talent like that we aren’t even angry over the vandalism. Can’t say the same for the janitor though.

The Little Mermaid is so over-rated. The performing jellyfish, on the other hand, is taking the seas and oceans by a storm.

There is a strict policy against bringing potatoes here. We do not appreciate potatoes. Should you find yourself in the possession of one please go ahead and hide it by any means possible. If found, potato will be detained.

Did you think that someone was watching you? You weren’t wrong. All hail the toilet ninja!


Pretty sure many moms have enjoyed this little trickster and wished they were actually barbecuing instead of dealing with nasty poop.

They do say an eye for an eye.

You wanna take it outside, bro?


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