12+ Comics That Will Hit A Little Close To Home If You Have Depression And Anxiety.


Holly Chisholm is the author and illustrator of Just Peachy Comics.

She has been struggling with Depression and ADHD for quite some time. And what’s a better way to express yourself than drawing and writing about it? Her comics cover a vast variety of subjects, targetting mental health, love, and self-reflection.

If you struggle with mental health issues, these comics might hit a little close to home. But hey, you’re not alone!

Check her amazing comics below:


#1 Depression is anger turned inward.

#2 Nothing really matters.

#3 People are the worst.

#4 Do you want vanilla or chocolate? Yes.

#5 Water solves everything.

#6 You can’t run away from yourself.

#7 Trust me, we have no idea what we’re doing either.

#8 Something just has to happen.

#9 We all have good and bad moments.

#10 Yes, you are allowed.

#11 Doubt will always hold you down.

#12 I think I’ll need more than just this.

#13 They’re both terrible.

#14 Climb out, bud.

#15 Pain changes people.

#16 Love yourself.

#17 Maybe both.

#18 Getting out of bed is a difficult task.

#19 Please stop.

#20 Can’t find my motivation.

#21 It isn’t that easy.

#22 That’s why.

#23 That’s very powerful.

#24 Simple tasks seem impossible after a hard day.


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