10+ Hilariously Accurate Comics You Will Relate To If You’ve Been Living With Mental Illiness


There are many different kinds of mental illnesses. It’s also quite difficult to be diagnosed with a mental illness that’s serious. A person might even experience several ones at the same time such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and major depressive disorder. And DON’T take this easy; mental illnesses are not easy to cope with.

As they haven’t been for Sow Ay for quite a while now. He draws his thoughts out to make people understand the thoughts of a person suffering from mental illness.

  1. More like lack of self-confidence.

2. Stupid freakin’ alarms!

3. Really can’t decide sometimes.

4. Not sure if this happens to everyone…

5. Perks of darkness being your best friend.

6. When we have trust issues with almost everyone.

7. Always trying to be ahead of time.

8. To sum it up, anxiety takes most of our energy AND time.

9. Constant feeling of inferiority complex.

10. The worst decisions ever!

11. What is the point of anything and everything?

12. Just chilling and waiting for a miracle to happen.

13. *Waits for the phone to stop ringing so that I can text them*

14. And every day passes thinking about the tough nights.

15. It sure won’t disappear, but it will be suppressed for a while.

16. Scared of sudden death in sleep.

17. Story my life tbh.

18. That time of your life when you have that sinking feeling of being a failure 24/7.

19. “You don’t have to bother; I’m totally capable of ruining my life myself.”


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