10 artists from around the world who have captured what a true relationship is



Falling in love is exciting and makes all of us behave like little children on a sugar rush. There is so much that we learn over time from the beginning of a relationship to when you cruise in a relationship. These artists have been able to capture that journey in their work and share it with all of us.

These 10 artists from around the world have illustrated and created their views and experiences with relationships in a hilarious and totally relatable way. keep scrolling to have some good laughs.

1. Sarah Scribbles
Sarah Scribbles is a webcomic created by Sarah Anderson in the year 2011. She initially started publishing on Tumblr but other networks soon took over. Her comics are a reflection of her life as she stands on the threshold of ‘being an adult’. She has published her own collection of comics in a book titled Adulthood is a Myth.

When you know your love is real…

What else is a boyfriend for?!

When you really want to be noticed…

The length of leg hair is directly proportional to the time of relationship

2 Catana Comics
Catana Chetwynd slowly won the internet over with her cute comics illustrating her and her BF. Her witty comics prove that love is in the little things.

I need a re-charge, please…

When you get a bit too cold for comfort!

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

When you know the value of what you have!

3. HJ Story Comics
HJ story is a super cute comic published and written by Andrew Hou. The comic strip is mainly about two characters, which represent him and his wife.

I don’t think it meant everything together!

So I guess we know what men are equal to

Cos she will always be there to make you better despite the color

You love each other’s true colors!

4. Kittypat Daily
Kittypat daily is a webcomic started on Tumblr and just went viral from there. The webcomic is about a girl dealing with her problems and life in a hilarious and bizarre way.

You only dress for yourself!

Are women really that tough to get?! I don’t think so!

When you have all the answers…

When you need boys to mind their own business!

5. Our Super Adventure
Our Super Adventure is a webcomic started by Sarah Graley and is an ongoing daily web comic series. Sarah draws about her relationship with her boyfriend and her four cats.

It’s really just one big person!

When you hate lying down alone

Cos you dating a prankster…

When you are struck by lightning called reality

6. Modern Girlfriend Cartoons
Brandon Sheffield and Dami Lee are the co-creators of this series. They believe that everyday tasks have drastically changed in relationships and have drawn out exactly how.

The things we do for people we love

You have to indulge their denial

Be careful how you say things!

Cos we all know that man ego…

7. Anemonelost
This series was created by Caitlin Quijano who got hit by a quarter life crisis. He proceeded to make comics with an interesting take on adult life and used this as a creative way to counter his crisis.

What we do, we do together!

Well, maybe women are weird…

What every weekend is really like!

When you demand attention!

8. Cassandra
Cassandra Calin is a 21-year-old comic artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada. Her comics are hilarious and shows Calin’s life as a young adult.

When your boyfriend has to notice your hair!

So that’s how it works in girl world!

Getting ready to call your crush…

So, what’s it like falling love?!

9. Tuna Dunn
Tunlaya Dunn is an illustrator currently studying graphic design in Bangkok. Her doodles and cute comics on relationships have really got her a place on the internet and she has an increasingly fast growing fan base.

Solutions to being short…

In love, anything goes!

The true meaning of being together

When you’re too shy to say or do anything

10. Tabby Like A Cat
Webcomic creator and illustrator Tabby is from Illinois and is in a long distance relationship. The struggles which come with that are part of her regular life and she has chosen to deal with it through her bitter sweet web comics.

When your boyfriend has a crush

When you dating the beast…

You never really say goodbye if it’s true love

I love him and he loves me!


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